Friday, October 05, 2007


I went to see Resident Evil : Extinction two days ago, and that was pretty good i think. But you know, i really hate zombies. I'd prefer to see the horror movies with kinds of Sadako, or something really scary that doesn't have the virus that can infect you. Sigh..Zombies are not good looking at all, they're soooo disgusting. One thing that zombies always keep on their minds is flesh. That's it. Humm..It's not fun seeing zombies running around looking for humans. Huhuhu..I didn't scream or shout when i saw that scene, but i felt my heart stopped beating for 5 seconds.hehehe...It's different when you go seeing Juon or some similar movies which have some great scenes that can make you close your eyes, and scream when the ghost comes up and stares at a poor guy with her scary eyes.( Gosh...why is it getting colder over here?). But anyway, it was funny to see how a zombie turned on the digicam and took a picture of a man at the lab. (Oh God I'm really sorry for being a spoiler)..


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