Friday, July 17, 2009


That's true. My business trip to Japan with my manager was totally awesome and has been one of the most wonderful things for me. I met soo many new people from the company and they've been really really nice and helpful, and they are very fun to talk to. We arrived in Osaka and stayed there for about 4 days, then moved to Hamamatsu with our big suitcase and bags, walking fast in the station then slept at Hamamatsu Hotel late at night, then we should wake up early to check-out then went to the customers and had seminars in Nagoya, and then stayed for one night there, then on the next day we came to our branch office over there to have the internal seminar and international seminar. We always had dinner in groups, and that night right after we finished our washoku, we ran to the station to chase the Shinkansen heading to Tokyo. Wow! It was like the amazing race, but it was more fun I think.haha.. Some of the places we went to are the places i've been in to, but it was still great because my trip partners were different people and we had sooo much fun! On the weekend, we chose Kyoto and Nara for our destination, and still.. they loWarna Teksok so beautiful and they will remain that way.
My company is very good in choosing the hotels for us to stay, and i love all of the hotels! I haven't gone to this country for such a long time, so once I got there, I tried not to sleep earlier because I'd love to see and hear more and more things I would never find in my country. I love the smell of Japan, and I already smel it from the first day..
Two weeks in Japan were not actually enough to enjoy the whole country, but visiting my university, Chibadai, and my dorm was like bringing back all of the memories I had 3 years ago. I also met and spent time together with my close friends, Tasya, Andrew, Carlos, Ruth, Kay, which is very very unexplainably amazing!!!!!! Woohooo!! I know it was too short, but seeing you guys, was so unforgettable.
So many things I've learned from this business trip. How important the customers are for us. How necessary to treat them very well as our valued customers and friends on the other side. I would like to thank you for all of your best efforts and cooperation during this trip. Thank you sooo much!!! Thank you...


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