Monday, February 05, 2007

IT'S BEEN 5 MONTHS...'s been 5 months since i got back home from Japan. Here i got list what i've been really missing...(;_;)
1. I miss my 410 on the 4th floor of D building. (>_<) How can i forget about you, my kitchen set..Still remember when i cooked rice for the first time IN MY LIFE!!
2. I miss all my best friends : Natasya, Andrew, Carlos, Eugenie, Juri, Suvi, Ruth, Cori, Eunjong, Mi-ran, Kyoko, Evan, Stephanie, Hatim, Jose, (and lots of names i can't mention one by one here) , all the members of Chiba-Indonesia Society, all my japanese friends there.. Damn, i love all the 2005/2006 international students!!
3. I miss my Harajuku!
4. I miss SATY and Maruetsu. hihihi..
5. I miss my locker outside..(i think i need those 1yen coins right now..hehe).
6. I miss roller coaster and the haunted house.
7. I miss Inage station.
8. I miss my kaitenzushi.
9. I miss Daily Yamazaki in front of the dorm.
10. I miss TOHO Cinema
11. I miss karaoke!!
12. I miss my delicous tenpura udon at the shokudoo...
13. I miss the laundry room
14. etc..
All i can do just turn on my computer, and look at the pictures we took together, my friends..


Blogger Juank said...

Did you actually cooked rice? I though you had only "cooked" salad... :p jaja just kidding~
Miss you a lot lot lot too (>_<) (and your pets... :p not really!)
Wow, I dont think I can see pics... it will be too sad right now. (;_;)
Have to call you!!!

11:21 AM  
Blogger laila said...

Haha.. of course i did cooked rice! though i know you won't believe me..(>_<)
my pets are all gone (a.k.a gokiburi), and you should miss them. hihihihi..

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Lufi said...


lufi karaoke, belanja di maruetsu, saty, janlan2 ke harajuku, main roller couster di Fuji Q, nonton film di TOHO Minami Funabashi, naik kereta dari inage Eki, makan soba di shokudo....


time is runing and everything's change, mungkin lufi juga bakal kangen ya kalo dah balik ke Indonesia....

9:46 PM  

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