Wednesday, May 14, 2008


1. I missed the Cosmopolitan Magazine job interview.(>_<) That was such a great chance for me, but would you mind if i reschedule the interview date? please... I just didn't want to leave my works and it's my duty to finish all of them.I am really sorry...
2. I Just celebrated my mum's birthday..I love you all the time, Mummy..
3. I Had some business trips and they were so much exciting!! hahaha...(lots of silly things, honestly..)
4. I went to see the Iron Man.. I really under-estimated Mr.Robert Downey Jr at first, but yeah.. i was totally wrong.
5. I've been working with the computer all day long and it hurts my eyes..


Anonymous パイパソ専門 said...

1 0 万 もらえたからいいものの、大事な息子はまだジンジンしてまふww(・w・)

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hai NumpanG lewat..Would You Like To Be A Journalist.........

5:29 PM  
Anonymous bessa said...

hai laila, pa kabar??

2:18 PM  

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