Monday, February 26, 2007


Don't you think sometimes it's hard being a senior? Tons of presentations and tons of books you should read to make your research going well and perfect. oow...i wish i could go to Okinawa one more time and do my research with the Uchina~ people there and some friends who are living there. (>_<) Yea, "Chibaryou!" (Ryukyu language) means "Ganbarou!" Of course i'm always ganbare-ing. Though it seems hard to finish my research in a few months, but i can still enjoy my days by singing out loud all the songs i've saved in my computer in my room. DA DA DA DA DAAA....Oh, on June i will be having a fieldstudy in a village with goats, cows, ducks, and all the animals i can't recognize the differences, and that field study takes almost 2 months! Oh Mummy Daddy, i don't even know if there's any proper place to take a bath..(;_;) There will be no internet for 2 months, no cellphone signals, etc. hehe..just kidding..(^-^)v Just get ready and welcome to "Middle of Nowhere"..(>_<)


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英語で書いてびっくりした!I visit your blog a lot but usually just to look at the pictures :)

I miss you my ライラちゃん~



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