Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hajimete Becak ni notta Rie to Mitsuka

Bank Indonesia

Girls in Borobudur

Rie-chan piisu!!

Mitsuka + Rie

Baskin Robbins lovers!

Nice hat,huh? hehe..



There's no day 4 and 5 because my friends from Chiba came to visit me here, in Jogjakarta!! Yaay!! Though we only had 2 days to have fun (girls only..), so many places and so many pictures to take, lots of food (and ice cream of course), and lots of people we met. Lots of new things for them, and so on..They looked surprised when they found cassettes at the CD store, so they bought them as omiyage for their friends back in Japan. hehehehe...They also brought me japanese o-senbei and cookies that just made me wanna go back to Japan one more time..(>_<) Thank you sooo much for visiting me, Rie and Mitsuka! I just couldn't believe that we could meet here in Indonesia just like what Rie said right before i went back home.." Mata aeru tte sinjiteru kara, aeruyo kitto.."