Monday, April 23, 2007


Hello, this is Elmo. Elmo has been kidnapped!'s not real "kidnapping" actually. I gave my Elmo to my best friend and asked her to take care of Elmo right before my departure. But when i got back and asked her if i can meet and hug my Elmo, she didn't bring him to me. (;_;) She just took pictures of Elmo and they are all what i've got. Sniff.. I miss my Elmo soooo bad..Sniff..(>_<) Hope you're doing fine, Elmo.I miss you..Hmm...oh i forgot! I missed Spiderman-3 Red Carpet in Roppongi Hills a few days ago. Oh Eugenie, how can I forget our nice experiences in Roppongi and Odaiba, and "Tom Cruise tragedy" will be unforgettable moment ever..hahahaha..


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