Monday, October 04, 2010


F1 ticket for Saturday race!

Entry gate

Wanna try the real F1 car??

Different view of Esplanade Park

F1 official merchandise store

Me at the food stall

Shopping people and fans

Yes, it's F1!

Take a look for a while

That's Daughtry, girls!

Beautiful and classic City Hall

Ready for racing

People passing by in the arena

Ready for Mariah Carey!!

Interesting when we were allowed to get into the circuit

Red Bull or Ferrari?

Ferrari or Red Bull ?

Enjoying the race from Padang Stage

It's the first time to be on the F1 circuit :)

Empty circuit..the race is over..
This time was totally fun! Many foods, people, crazy fans, loud and noise cars, amazing performances from big stars, and I got nothing to say but AWESOME! (^0^) It was awesome!!
Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2010 was a big blast!