Sunday, July 07, 2013


Siem Reap International Airport

View from the backseat of the taxi

At hotel lobby for (very) early check-in

Our spacious and clean room

Di depan hotel

National Museum

Lunch at Blue Pumpkin, Pub street

Kaos suvenir di Angkor Night Market

Our dessert

Resto-resto nyempil di Pub Street

Di depan Angkor Night Market

Souvenir stands 

Island bar di Angkor Night Market

Pub street malam hari

Dinner at Red Piano

Inside our hotel

Egg for breakfast

Ticket counters di Angkor Wat

Ada foto kami di tiketnyaaa

Danau di Angkor Wat

Pintu masuk Angkor Wat temple

Panas-panasan. hehe..

Smile, everyone!

Angkor Wat

Tetap smile

Smiled though it was totally hot!

It used to be library, the guide said

The temple behind us


The dancers

Bahasa Sansekerta

Dulu katanya ini tempat pemandian

Dulu katanya ini gallery

With our smiley and funny tour guide

Es kelapa emang enak buat menghilangkan haus dahaga

Before heading to the other temples

Ada balon udara!

Ta Phrom dari depan

Foto epic. hehe..(serasa Tomb Raider)

Ini pohon pasti udah tua abissss..

Bisa muat berapa orang ya di dalam sini? hehe..

Tuk-tuk langganan kita

Bayon temple (kuil seribu wajah)

Foto barengan

One of the faces

Wajah tampak samping

Brothers :)

Wajah close-up

Us at Bayon

Di tuk-tuk

Bye bye

Dinner at Pub Street

Ada illumination juga. hehe..

Lentera di sungai

Check-in counters

Sempet nyobain Marrybrown di Malaysia

Hey hey heeeeey!!!! I am so sorry didn't mean to ignore my blog, I just didn't have much time to upload and write. But here I want to share some cool pics I took in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Oh I love this city, the people are so humble and so nice. The foods tasted excellent, and the service was amazing. Our hotel allowed us to check-in at 9 am, can you just believe that ? They even cleaned our room twice a day, what a service!! I lovee Tara Angkor Hotel, you should stay there while you're in Siem Reap. The tuk-tuk driver is very nice, he took us to the city center, Pub Street, and Angkor Wat.
I had done a very long research before I came to Siem Reap, and I did follow what the reviewers said, like I had lunch at the Blue Pumpkin, this cool restaurant had many good foods and desserts, and  having dinner at the Red Piano where Angelina Jolie ate here, had become a different experience for me. 
Angkor Wat was such an amazing place, the temples are so beautiful. We also went to Ta Phrom, where the Tomb Raider was filmed, and also the beautiful Bayon. We can see a thousand faces at Bayon and I am sure you won't stop taking pictures at this temple coz there are many faces with different expressions and once again, this place is soo pretty. I do want to come back here again. Ok, enjoy the photos, guys!