Wednesday, August 12, 2009


grab ya shoes (hurry up)
grab ya clothes (hurry up)
cause my mans comin home (she said hurry up)
hit the street (hurry up)
disappear (hurry up)
ya gotta get outta here baby
hes crazy...believe me he'll kill u...
leave ya number i'll call you whatever words you need to (hurry up)
Another love affair song from my favourite Ne-yo!!
I just added this song to my playlist and just can't stop listening to it.
Love it, Ne-yo!
(The lyric sounds pretty bad, but i really like the rythm and melody of this song..)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi... mungkin irama lagu ini bagus, tp liriknya tidak bagus untuk seseorang yg sedang menjalin hubungan serius dengan kekasihnya :)

8:13 PM  

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