Tuesday, August 17, 2010


His name is Oli Pettigrew who hosts the AXN Sony Style TV Magazine with his energetic aura and funny awkward moves. lol.. I do love people who do their jobs with passions in positive ways and Oli does perfectly. Isn't it fun when you come home from work and need to get relax, then turn on your tv and you see a smiley guy presenting a very entertaining and relaxing show to you? (^0^) Oli is a fun fun entertainer and he has his mind wide opened for any different cultures he got involved in for the show. I remember when he interviewed Puffy Ami Yumi in Tokyo and he looks adorable! I can see he really enjoys Tokyo and all of its fascinating stuffs. (Well, I give it a plus when my favourite guy is also coming to Japan and trying hard to be adapted with it.lol) Good job, Oli!

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Nice dinner with co-workers and the natives

Oden!! (Miss the winter..)

Yummy yummy Takoyaki

Glossy Yakitori (hehe..)

California Roll Sushi

Giant Yakisoba

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

KAJI (Komunitas Alumni Jepang di Indonesia)

Terima kasih banyak untuk Ibu Mariko yang sudah menginspirasiku untuk ikut Knowledge Sharing sama para alumni Jepang. (^0^) It was greaaat!!!!! Kopdar (Kopi Darat) kali ini menampilkan 3 sesi, yaitu presentasi dari Presdir Indomobil (Pak Gunadhi), Pembahasan buku "Outliers" (Pak Djono), dan Prosedur Pelayanan Investasi (Pak Cahyo). Tegang juga sih karena sebagian besar adalah orang-orang baru yang belum pernah kukenal, but it went very well. (^-^). Great people with great stories. Love it.
P.S. Aku duduk di kursi kedua dari kanan, wanita Jepang berbaju putih. hehe..