Thursday, May 31, 2007


My cutie cutie cat...(^-^), ok kitty, say hi to everyone!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Next month on 28th is the premiere of HARRY POTTER and THE ORDER OF PHOENIX in Tokyo!! I want to goooo!!! sniff....(>_<) Daniel Radcliffe is coming to Japan for the premiere..hwuaaa...

Thursday, May 24, 2007


私は7月2日から8月30日まで、西部ジャワの「セラン」っていう地区で奉仕活動(FIELD STUDY)をすることになりました。最初はジョグジャカルタ以内を自分が選択したが、奉仕活動の上司たちが変更したようで、結局西部ジャワに変わったのです。ちょっとビックリだったけど。セラン地区はジャカルタ(インドネシアの首都)の西の方に位置し、「Anyer」っていうインドネシアの人気のある海や海岸などの綺麗なスポットに結構近い所ですよ。興奮!興奮!(^0^) ジャカルタからあまり遠くないし、暇なときにもジャカルタに住んでいる友達や親戚とどっかに遊びに行けるから、奉仕活動を楽しみに待ってま~す。(^-^)今年は約4200人のガジャ・マダ大学の学生達がこの奉仕活動に参加しているらしくて、西部ジャワから東部ジャワにかけて、みんなバラバラになってしまいます。「セラン」地区の奉仕活動のグループには18人がいますよ。このグループは、日本学科の学生は私しかいなくて、他に科学部、生物学部、数学部、工学部(電子工学、建築学)、法律学部、経済学、社会学、理科学部などの学部の学生達に決まり。知らない人ばっかりですが、新しい友達がいっぱいできれば、とっても嬉しいです。( ^-^)/(^0^ ) 奉仕活動頑張りま~す!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Getting older, getting better!!!

I bought this note-book last night, and there was many kinds of notebooks with different covers. It's cute, isn't it? (^-^) Well actually i found another notebook and the cover was so funny. The cover was like " Are you a cow-lover" test. We can answer 5 questions about cow (just for fun) , and i thought that it would be really helpful since i'm not really good in recognizing the differences between COW and BUFFALO. (>_<) Then, i also got a notebook with nice words on the cover. It said, "Without love, the days are : sadday, moanday, tearsday,wasteday, thristday, frightday, shatterday...So be in love everyday!"

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Jumat kemarin akhirnya presentasi kapsel yg terakhir deh. legaaaa..tinggal revisi2 ama bimbingan aja nih ama sensei. hwuaa....Terus, kamis kemaren juga pembekalan KKN di Fakultas Filsafat. Lumayan lama sih, tp untungnya dosennya kocak abis! (^-^) Itu kelas yang panas jd lumayan adem. hehe..KKN ya? bentar lagi doooong.. sblm KKN aku mau poelang ke kampoeng halaman dulu aaaah..hihihii..miss my parents a lot!!! (>_<) Tau deh, akhir-akhir ini banyak bgt cerita. Bingung mau cerita yg mana. Macem2...

Monday, May 07, 2007


Thursday, May 03, 2007


I miss the donkey..

July 13? i will be doing my field study!!(>_<)

Hope it would have nice ending..

I'll support you James Franco!!!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Last night i talked to Carlos by MSN and i told him that i just realized my turtle doesn't have ears. hehe..You're right Carlos, turtles don't have outer ears. i just googled about turtles ears and a kids website says :
Turtles don't have any "outer ear," the part that sticks out from your head, but they have all the "inner ear" mechanisms that other animals do. They also have the auditory nerve and brain center required for hearing. The outer ear gathers sound vibrations to make them louder. So turtles do not hear airborne sounds as loudly as you do, but they can sense and interpret vibrations in the environment. Hearing probably isn't very important to a turtle though, because their senses of vision and smell are excellent. The brain center for hearing is quite small by comparison.
I should have known about it since i adopted Kame-kun..(>_<)